Fun + Love = Enjoyment.

Let your little adventurers become inspired by the ​natural environment. Our friendly team of ambassadors will provide you with all the ​guidance on sustainability. Children are our future, so we provide  them with the tools to understand the environment and its surroundings, which  in turn ​ allows them to mould their own environmentally friendly future.


Take a glance under every bush, every leaf to find dozens of new fascinating worlds which you would never know was there! Small adventures happen every day; you just have to know where to look adventures in jungles. Come and explore and who knows, it might be you who will make a new environmental discovery? A new world is waiting for new heroes! We would like to encourage you to form your own opinion, get involved and understand the impact human actions has on nature.


- Would you like to construct a comfy wooden hotel for bugs?
- Or make your own animal toy?
- There are plenty of opportunities to express yourself constructively.
- We can collaborate between each other and share our knowledge!
- Learn how to identify trees, flowers and create your own nature journal of personal discoveries!
And lots, lots more!

Let’s meet flora and fauna!

EcoCon helps!

EcoCon helps with: conservation, energy issues, organic farming, recycled arts and crafts, creative projects, wildlife gardens, litter issues, and many other environmental projects. We are able to help with one-off workshops and support with longer term projects.

Whatever you need.

Whatever you need, any practical help or advice, contact us and we will help you deliver family learning and inter-generational fun for participants of all ages! Are you looking to engage your local community on environmental issues? Have you decided to set up your own eco-initiative? EcoCon can provide full support.  We can organise entertainments and workshops that will add a spark to any funfair or family celebration. We can also provide consultations and instruments to raise local environmental awareness around a project that will improve citizens’ quality of life.

Like what you see here? We believe that we can offer great services to you to create a unique experience.

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